High quality tranports in Scandinavia

As a third party logistics provider (3-PL) the company provides services within international transports and logistics. The operation is mainly concentrated on transports on trailers and roadtrains in the Nordic countries. The operational goal is to provide customer oriented, reliable and cost effective transport services with a small impact in nature.

Lean-thinking in routines and strategies

Lean-thinking and the ability to react to the market changes will create unparalleled competitive advantage to our company operating in the logistics sector.  Fast-paced changes in transport planning sets tough challenges to one unit and specially to system-wide capabilities. With modern technology and good co-operation networks we’re able to respond to those challenges and manage the cost structure.

Innovative logistics solutions

The transports consist of three parts, which are import and export and so-called cabotage-transports in Sweden and Norway. Those parts merged build a complete operation, which is managed by a centralised transport planning and management. The optimal control of the vehicles is based on the use of modern technology, like transport planning program and satellite based track-and-trace program.