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Our freight traffic units are mainly full trailers, b-train, centre-axel or semi-trailer road trains with sides and roof that can be completely opened. A part of the fleet are 76-ton units, ADR equipped units and units with expandable sides. Our fleet fulfils the latest environmental requirements and the units’ technology makes them environmentally friendly with minimised emissions.


All of our units are equipped according to the requirements for the transport of dangerous goods. In special transport, the road trains’ sides and roofs, as well as the top bars open up, and the sides expand. We have approximately 50 units of our own, and 90 contracted units. Our equipment includes special transport units for the transport of long, wide, heavy and tall objects.


All of our drivers have the required education and ADR certificates. The drivers receive training in driving economically every three years at the minimum. Driving behaviour and fuel consumption is monitored by on-board computers. We do our best to keep empty runs to a minimum with an efficient transport planning system and decrease tyre noise with the right choice of tyres.


We adhere to the EU legislation regarding the protection of the environment. As professionals, we have operated according to the energy efficiency agreement regarding the transport of goods even before the agreement existed. We monitor our energy efficiency with the Emistra system and have committed to cutting our emissions by at least 1% every year since 2008.