Transporting and consuming causes strain on the environment. This stress must be kept to a minimum with the help of training, right attitude and through practical measures. Savikko transport units are equipped with the latest emission standard engines, maintenance is performed by professional repairers and so the waste produced is certainly handled properly and recycled.

Flexible transportation

The truck-fleet consists of 40 own and 70 contracted trucks. The units are trailers and roadtrains mostly with sides and roof that can be completely opened, which makes them flexible for many kinds of transports. We also have 15 extendable trucks, suitable for special transports of longer cargo. The company has office and terminal in Oulu. The transports are concentrated to the Nordic countries, and the forwarding issues and some deliveries of smaller consignments are taken care of by a large net of agents and co-operators.

Professional drivers

All of our drivers are higly skilled professionals on the Scandinavian roads. They know how to drive economical and environmental friendly, bringing the cargo safelty to its destination. Drivers have the required training and VAK-cards. Drivers receive training in economical driving, at least every three years. Driving habits and consumption is monitored with computer units. Empty runs to minimize the efficient transport system. Tyre noise is reduced to the choice of the right type of tire.

Environmental friendliness

We follow the EU legislation on the protection of the environment. As  industry professionals, we have implemented the energy efficiency terms of transport  before the existence of the agreement. We monitor our energy efficiency EMISTRA system, and from 2008 until the goal is to reduce emissions by at least 1% per year.